When thinking about transferring, consider staying local

Manuel Muniz

Staff Writer

            As your time as a South Plains College student nears an end, the focus starts to shift to getting a job or possibly transferring to a university.

Transferring can be such an anxiety-filled process. Trying to figure out what four-year institution is right for the major you are pursuing and figuring out how to pay for tuition is not even half of the battle.           

            Many students prefer to stay local. West Texas is obviously the best region in Texas, right? Continuing your education in the area may be right for you.

Texas Tech

            Texas Tech University is the primary transfer institution for South Plains College students. Both institutions have created an agreement giving students a direct path to become a Red Raider, and finish a bachelor’s degree. Currently, with a population of 40,000 students, Texas Tech is the hub for Lubbock and by far the largest university in the area.

Texas Tech can be expensive, but thanks to their scholarships it does not have to be. The Presidential Transfer Scholarship offers $3,000 for transfer students with a 3.0 GPA and can be renewed yearly. Students can also upgrade to the Proven Achievers Scholarships, which awards up to $4,000 a year. About 60 percent of students receive scholarships averaging $4,300 a year.

Lubbock Christian University

            Lubbock Christian University may not be as big or as flashy as Texas Tech, so it does not get nearly as much attention. But that does not mean it is not a great school. LCU welcomes about 300 transfer students per year. Because of their competitive scholarships, many students, especially many from this area, tend to transfer to their campus.

Those who earn an associate’s degree from SPC automatically qualify for a $6,000 scholarship each year. According to Anna Allred, who is a student advisor at LCU says “This scholarship is automatic, meaning the student does not need to apply for it and is also renewable, meaning students can receive it until they graduate from LCU.”

            All students need to do is maintain a grade point average of 2.5 or higher to keep the scholarship. Other advantages include the small student-to-teacher ratio. Because it is a smaller university, students get more time with professors that they might not get at a larger school. Also the transition process from SPC to LCU should be smooth. Allred also mentions “how very few institutions will offer students a personalized, transformative, life-changing educational experience; however, that is something that LCU does and does it well.”

West Texas University

            West Texas University is located less than 100 miles from Lubbock and just 20 miles away from Amarillo, Texas in the town of Canyon. The university currently holds 10,000 students, and the majority are native Texans, giving the campus a small town feeling with a big school vibe.

            SPC and WT have recently created a new partnership for transfer students called “Destination WT.” The purpose of “Destination WT” is to save the students time and money by creating coursework leading to an associate’s and bachelor’s degree. The transfer plan should simplify the requirements and create a straight-arrow shot to get degrees faster. Some of the benefits for SPC students include a waiver of  the application fee and guaranteed scholarships from up to $1,500.

Angelo State University

            Angelo State University in San Angelo currently has 11,000 full time students. Because of their Carr Academic Scholarship Program, many students find ASU to be the right fit for them.

About 70 percent of students receive aid from the $4 million the school has available. Angelo State has a great track record when it comes to pre-med students. More than 50 percent of their pre-med majors go on to medical school, which is well above the state average of 35 percent. Also, more than 90 percent of the pre-veterinary students go on to veterinary school. In order to transfer to ASU you will need a 2.0 GPA.

            Whether you have decided on a plan after graduating from SPC or not, looking into other schools should be a given. Getting the right information for your degree requirements, financial situation or even where to live is important in order to have a successful college career.

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