Huffhines enjoys new role as director of Plainview Center

by Brittany Marriott

Staff Writer

            The South Plains College Plainview Center has a new director on campus. 

     Victoria Huffhines, who originally served as the advisor at the Plainview campus since 2018, became the new director. 

     Huffhines is known to be optimistic, understanding, and very compassionate about things in life. Her favorite things to do in her free time are painting, reading, or binge-watching Netflix. She is married to Jeremy Huffhines, and they have two kids, Emma, and Colt. She said that she enjoys spending quality time with her family most of all. 

       Huffhines grew up in Thorton, Colorado, but came to Plainview, Texas to get her bachelor’s degree in Art Education at Wayland Baptist University. She later earned a master’s degree there in Instructional Technology.

      Before coming to SPC, Huffhines was a training coordinator for Wayland’s external campus advisors. She was responsible for training personnel in the evaluation of transcripts and degree audits. 

     In 2018, she left Wayland Baptist to take on the position of the new advisor for SPC at the Plainview Center campus. She heard about this position from a friend who knew it would be perfect for Victoria. Huffhines has always wanted to help students with their college education. After serving as an advisor for four years, she was interested in a new role as the new director in May 2021.

     Huffhines said she enjoys being the director at the Plainview Campus. Her job duties include interacting with events on campus, trying to provide what the Levelland campus promotes. For example, when SPC had their “Tex Hex” event in Levelland for Halloween, Victoria tries to bring certain events like that to the Plainview campus so students can interact with the college. 

     Another way she helps students is by offering the courses they have to offer at SPC, whether it is at the Plainview campus or in Levelland. She makes sure the students are on the right educated path and helps to meet their needs. 

     Huffhines said what she loves most about her job is, “Working with the team at SPC, and I love building relationships with the community organizations.” She said that she misses being the advisor because she was able to interact with the students more. Being the new director involves creating events for the campus and making sure classes are organized and ready to go. Huffhines said that she now affects more people because she’s trying to make sure students are included with what’s going on at SPC in Levelland and connecting to the Plainview campus. She’s more in charge of making decisions than she was as an advisor, so there’s more pressure applied. 

     Huffhines mentioned the potential of helping young students, even as young as eighth grade, reach their goals through education. She tries to promote what SPC has to offer for higher education at Plainview, Hale Center, Lockney, and Floydada ISDs. 

      “I provide information on scholarships and grants to help pay for college,” said Huffhines “It lets them know that South Plains College is there beside them.”

      Huffhines said that she loves what she does and hopes to continue with SPC for the next 10 years or more. She does not plan on going anywhere else. 

   Being the new director has its obstacles, but Huffhines said her new job has taught her more responsibility, leadership, and management. Victoria has impacted so many students in a positive way, by being very interactive and caring about a student’s education.      

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