Planning meals beneficial for healthy eating habits

by Brittany Marriott 

Staff Writer

 You may already know that eating healthier can provide benefits in so many ways.  

 It helps reduce the risk of physical health problems. Your mood can be affected by what kind of foods you eat, and it raises your energy level so you’re not sleepy.  

 There are so many ways you can eat more healthy. First, start off by making a meal plan. Consider your goals. Is it to gain weight in a healthier way, or do you want to lose weight? You want to make sure you’re getting the right nutrition and calories you need.  

 To gain weight, you may want to look at what proteins can help you gain weight. To lose weight, you want to watch how many calories you consume in a day. That’s where a meal plan can come in handy to help you stay on track. 

 The only thing people struggle with when it comes to making a meal plan for themselves is the time and effort they must put in. Not only that, but these days having a healthy lifestyle can be expensive, so they give up. Meal planning is thinking ahead about what meals or snacks you will be making and getting prepared. You can try different kinds of foods that help give you the nourishment you need for your body. Before you go grocery shopping, make sure to make a list of what you need. If you don’t know what to get, do lots of research! 

 Another thing people struggle with is eating nothing but fast food or a lot of junk food. You don’t see a lot or hear about people eating in or making home-cooked meals. But when it comes to eating fast food, it’s easier and more convenient to get, instead of putting all your hard work into a meal that’s going to be gone in minutes. But eating unhealthy foods causes poor eating habits, and your health can be at risk. This is most likely to cause obesity, depression, digestive problems, heart disease, or cancer.  I’m not saying don’t ever eat fast food again, because it’s okay to eat out occasionally. But if you start cooking at home, you will notice a big difference in your health and your mood.  

 Those boxes of cookies you want to eat so badly when you’re trying to lose weight can be so tempting. I know the struggle. But this is where you must limit yourself from eating junk food and try  replacing it with an apple or any kind of fruit or vegetable. Some even have their favorite kinds of fruit and vegetables. So if you get that sudden urge to eat that cookie, be strong enough to put it down and  make a fruit bowl instead.  

 A healthy diet can help you get to your goals. This can improve your health tremendously. Yes, it  takes a lot of time, and it’s expensive. But it is so worth it. If you don’t know what to cook, or what is  healthy and not healthy, do some research on Pinterest, which is a website where you can find great ideas, videos and steps for how to make healthy meals. Change your future by changing your diet.  

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