Too much technology harming society

by Brittany Marriott

Staff Writer

A lot of people use technology, whether it’s using your cell phone or your fancy cars to get you from one place to another. Do people take advantage of technology?

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when technology did not exist. There was communication between people instead of through text messages or phone calls. Typewriters were common in the mid 1880’s, but you don’t usually see typewriters. You can usually find one in the pawn shop. But now people use their laptops or computers to type.

Ever heard of a map? Neither have I, because the source I use to find my way is GPS on my phone. You don’t see people driving with a map in their hand. Their GPS on their phones is more convenient and easier to use. You easily just go on your phone and type in the location where you want to go. Then it shows you the directions, speed limits and traffic. You’re most likely not going to get lost with GPS because of how accurate it is. With a map, it’s confusing because it’s in tiny print and hard to read.

Technology is used in so many ways. It makes life easier for us to get by. You see it being used for school and work. Cooking meals is not the same anymore, considering you can easily just pop in a kid’s cuisine in the microwave and call that dinner. If it was not for technology, I feel like there would be a lot of struggles in life. People wouldn’t know what to do with their lives. They would be lost and confused.

Something I’ve always noticed when going to family events is you see people not talking to each other like they are supposed to be. You see their heads down looking at their phone. What happened to bonding time? Tik Tok is being used most of the time, or people are Facebooking their food. You see parents trying to capture the moment on their phones. Why is it so hard to remember the memories in our minds rather than on a phone? You really don’t know what’s going on half the time when your mind is just on a cell phone.

There are both pros and cons when using technology. It offers you many resources you can use, and it teaches you answers you need to know in a faster way. Interactions are easier, instead of having to meet someone face to face.

But people are less likely to be independent, because humans depend on technology. Youth are more addicted to technology, which affects their education and personal life. It also can affect work ethics and personal life for adults.

Technology has grown so much over time. It’s so crazy when you think about what we can do using technology. Years from now, the world is going to be seen differently. I have a crazy theory which is that I believe technology is going to take over the world. There’s going to be flying cars, or robots cooking our meals, instead of humans putting in their time and effort to make a meal. There’s going to be less bonding time between friends and family.

The stress would be lifted off everyone’s shoulders, but sometimes I miss seeing kids play with each other outside. When I was a kid, I was always outside creating mud baths or playing in my little tree house. Not everyone was on their phone during holidays.

Technology is beneficial and more convenient. I’m not trying to say it is all bad. All I’m saying is we just take advantage of it without even realizing. But it is easier to access.

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