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COMM 1316 News Photography, COMM 1318 Photography

The photos in this gallery are from students in COMM 1316 News Photography and COMM 1318 Photography this semester.   These represent their first assignments.  Their instructions were to find a “campus beauty shot”: “Something that would promote the school or show the beauty on campus if it were included on the school’s website.  It could be a pretty tree, colorful pile of leaves, or a pattern that you find on the corner of a building.  It could be a shot of how late afternoon light casts a glow over a bench.  Look for an interesting angle.”

Students were required to submit caption information along with the photos.  The only Photoshop editing used for these first assignments was cropping and tilting left or right if needed. 

These are the best photos from each student.  The students are proud and should be.  

More to come as the semester gets underway.

Andres Saucedo

A spray of green curved stems along-side geometric lines reflected in the lobby of the SPC Levelland campus Technical Arts building on a cloudy winter afternoon.

Anna-Kay Allen

Focus on your rainbows, not your problems. A broken sprinkler head brings color to the Levelland campus on a winter afternoon.

Brooke Swaffield

A rodeo team barrel in the setting sun on the SPC Levelland campus.

Bruce Wang

An inviting spot to rest found inside the SPC Fine Arts Main Gallery.  The 114” x 70” oil painting behind the benches is called “Bacchanalian Feast”, Artist Unknown, 18th Century.  It depicts the Roman god Bacchus in revelry with humans, satyrs and other mythical creatures.  It is part of the Marjorie Merriweather Post Art Collection which was gifted to South Plains College.

Camila Platas

Welcome to South Plains College! The SPC Levelland campus entrance is featured here on a sunny winter afternoon.

Clayton Medley

The SPC Texan victory bell was placed on its pedestal outside the Texan Dome on the Levelland campus in 1967.  In addition to the home of the SPC Texans and Lady Texans, the Dome has been the site of indoor tennis, boxing, and symphonic concerts. 

Ethan Hall

Four of the squares that line the walls inside this recording room in the SPC Creative Arts building.  Utilitarian and decorative, these squares provide sound proofing for musical projects.

Jacey Cathey

The early winter morning sun reflected over the Levelland campus rodeo practice pens.

Kensey Mayer

On the left, is a full-length oil portrait believed to be Granville Leveon-Gower, the son of John, First Earl of Gower, painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds, P.R.A., ca. 1760.  On the right, is an oil portrait of Caroline of Brandenberg-Ansbach, who became Queen of Consort of England in 1727, painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller, ca. 1716.  Both paintings are on display as part of the Marjorie Merriweather Post Art Collection in the SPC Fine Arts Main Gallery on the Levelland campus. 

Sadie Jones

Art in the hall of the SPC Fine Arts Gallery.  The oil on canvas painting on the left is called “Seasons of the Soul, Spring”.

Wyatt Geistweidt

The sunset late on a winter day paints the sky over the SPC Texan Dome on the Levelland campus.

Lauryn Lozano

Go Texans! The next Texan and Lady Texan basketball home games are Feb. 14 against Clarendon College in the Texan Dome.

Malik Zachery

The Home of the Dome.  The South Plains College Texan Dome seats 3,300 people.  It’s been the home of the Texans and Lady Texans since 1967.

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