Farm and Ranch voting results

We are going to show how the photography students voted first.

Each first-place survey vote earned 3 points.  Each second-place vote earned 2 points.  And each third-place vote earned 1 point.  The results were tabulated.  The final numbers were close.

Here are the results along with quotes of what students said about their choices. Then, we will show you how YOU, the readers, voted. Compare their votes to yours.

First place:  I1 Jacey Cathey

“The close up of the cow is very cool.  Especially how the other cows are also in the picture, in the background.”

“…I love the lighting in the sky and how you can just barely see the cow’s tongue.” 

“Initially, my eye goes to the cow sniffing a hand, with its head all stretched out.  This is a beautiful moment as those cows can be aggressive if they feel threatened….I also love that the cows in the background are looking on at the action happening in the front of the shot.  Plus, you also get a little bit of the sky in there too.”

“I just really enjoyed this picture because of the cows.  They look happy and playful!”

Second placeD1 Jacey Cathey

“This is one of my favorites because you get everything in the shot.  The first thing I noticed was the cattle looking straight at the camera, but then, the beautiful colors of the sky is behind them.  This photo is very calming to look at and captures the true beauty of Texas.”

Third placeC1  Jacey Cathey

“I like the close up of the cow…”

“…it captures multiple cows and still keeps the colors of the sky in the background.”

So, now it is your turn! Here’s how YOU, the readers, voted. We have weighted the results, the same way as we weighted the students’ votes.

First Place: C1 Jacey Cathey

Second Place: L1 Brooke Swaffield

Third Place: D1 Jacey Cathey

Thank you for visiting the Plainsman Press website and participating in our survey! We will see you on our next photo survey soon.

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