Get your schedule “fit”

by Dayley Mosley

If you are taking classes at South Plains College, April 8 is an important date to remember. That’s the day registration opens for the fall 2022 semester. One-hour kinesiology courses are among the first to fill up.

SPC is adding a new class to the one-hour kinesiology catalog. Disc Golf, or frisbee golf, is making its first appearance at SPC soon. It will be mainly offered in the Lubbock area at parks like Mackenzie Park and Mae Simmons, says Marc Moore, the department chair of Kinesiology.

Classes like archery and yoga are also popular kinesiology activity classes. 

Beginning archery only has two sections: both with 18 seats, according to the SPC course catalog.  Yoga has two sections with 16 openings each. One section is at the Levelland campus and one section is at the Lubbock campus. Moore, the archery instructor, says students are excited to take these classes and that they have a lot of fun participating in them.

While you might be dreading the physical education required in your degree plan, there is a course for everyone. “I didn’t know what to take,” says Hailee Brewer, a SPC sophomore. “I wanted something easy and that would fit into my schedule.” She says that a friend recommended archery to her. Now, she wants to take the intermediate course in the fall.

SPC offers a wide variety of kinesiology courses. Moore says there is everything from bowling and golf to cardio-core classes like cycling and the walk, jog, run class.

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