Campus Beauty Shots Poll–Pick the Best Shot!

Students in COMM 1316 News Photography 1 and COMM 1318 Photography 1 had homework the first week of class.  They were asked to take one good photo on their smartphones.

What to take a picture of?  Find something on campus that is pretty.  Something that would promote the school or make it look good if it were used on the school’s website. 

They were told:  It could be a pretty tree, colorful pile of leaves, or a pattern found on the corner of a building.  It could be a shot of how late afternoon light casts a glow over a bench.  Look for interesting angles.  Try closeups.   Shots with people in them are good!  Look for smiling faces.  Eye contact.

The only editing students were allowed to do was to use the Photoshop crop tool prior to the photo submission.

As they learned, the nice thing about digital photography is you can take tons of pictures, pick the best one, delete the rest, and it doesn’t cost you money to develop film.

Here are the results:  19 Campus Beauty Shots.  They are proud of their work and should be.

Students in both classes just voted on their favorites, using a gallery like the one shown here.  There were no names used on the ballot- just photos with letters attached.

Choose your favorite shot.  We’ll show you your results and how the students voted next week.

3 responses to “Campus Beauty Shots Poll–Pick the Best Shot!”

  1. I think the “No fishing from bridge” is awesome!! It reminds me of how dry it was just a few weeks ago and then we received a wonderful blessing with all the rain.

  2. All of them were beautiful shots but as a former Alumni, I have to say the Duck Pond brought me a lot of beautiful memories as first college generation.

  3. It was SO difficult to choose!! But, I narrowed it down to my top 3 (C, J, and Q), then decided that Q stood out to me the most.

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