Campus Beauty Shots Poll–Results!

Your votes are in.  The top three photos that received the most votes are:

First place:

Photo P- Bridge/water 
Kassandra Mendez photographer, COMM 1318 

Second place:

Photo S – SPC Sign 
Jarell Vivas photographer, COMM 1316 

Third place:

Photo D – Books in SPC Library
Alexis Juarez – photographer/COMM 1318

Students in COMM 1316 News Photography 1 and COMM 1318 Photography 1 also voted on their favorite photos. 

These students are learning how to use their cameras as well as how to evaluate photos.  What makes a “good” photo?  The photographer must decide what subject to shoot…what to include in the background…what angle to choose…and how to compose the elements in the frame in a pleasing manner.    

So, as part of their voting, students in these two photography classes also had to list reasons for their choices.  Many of their comments are included below along with their voting results. 

Number 1 Favorite: 

Photo S – SPC Sign 
Jarell Vivas photographer, COMM 1316 

“Love this one because the ‘SPC’ sign really shines with the lighting.   The placement of the camera is amazing.  Love seeing the grass.” 

“The green and blue is so vivid and contrasts beautifully…” 

“I love the color in this one.  It really shows the school.” 

“…it really captures the brightness and colorfulness of the sign and the flags.” 

Number 2 Favorite: 

Photo E – Ag Building w/sunset 
Ashlynn Obannion photographer, COMM 1316

“The Ag Building is being shown off great with the rays of the sun.” 

“I love the lighting on this picture…” 

“…the lighting is amazing especially the glare coming down the building.” 

Number 3 Favorite is a 3-way Tie: 

Photo N- Star 
Isaiah Howell photographer, COMM 1318 

“I liked the star shape in the picture…” 

“I like how the person took it in a star.” 

“I like the use of the frame and how it has basketball players in it.” 

Photo P- Bridge/water 
Kassandra Mendez photographer, COMM 1318

“Has a beautiful subject with the sign and bridge under water.” 

“I like ‘P’ because the way she got the sign and the water in the picture and it looks balanced.” 

Photo Q- Library 
Dayley Mosley photographer, COMM1318 

“Has interesting angle that is appealing.” 

“I like the angle and the shadows.” 

“…really nicely angled and it captures a really cool & different picture of the campus.” 

“…the angle and the lighting.” 

Number 4 Favorite 

Photo C – Inside the Dome 
Elijah Tate photographer, COMM 1318

“…the court’s light reflection makes the picture stand out.” 

“It’s cool and it gets every angle.” 

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