Cosmetology students head up styling challenge

Ghouls, witches, and wizards haunted South Plains College Cosmetology on Halloween.  Students worked in the hair and nail labs wearing a variety of costumes.  Professors came to class dressed as characters from “The Wizard of Oz.”  

 Students also competed in decorating head mannequins.  Instructors say students used these same mannequins, which used to have hair on them, throughout the semester for hair cutting and styling.

“We take the mannequins and they shave them totally bald,” said Sarah Thompson, an assistant professor of cosmetology. “Then we do a ‘No Hair Challenge’ and that’s what these mannequins are.” 

Thompson said students are not limited with any decorating themes.  She said students just have to create something that has nothing to do with hair.  

*This gallery was created by students in COMM 1316 News Photography.  

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