Wildlife rehabilitation center takes in migratory birds

Photo gallery by Ashlynn Obannion/COMM 1316

Now that it’s November, the staff at the South Plains Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Lubbock is dealing with migratory birds.  The facility is only about 60% occupied with birds due to the recent cold snap. 

Samantha Garcia, one of the managers at SPWRC, says current issues include birds flying into windows or buildings and suffering from head trauma. That’s what she says happened to the woodcock who has a temporary home here.  He is being treated and will be released back into the wild.

Garcia say another big issue is poisoning.  A lot of businesses, she says, will put poison out on their sidewalks to keep birds away.  If not caught in time, that can have deadly results. Something she says the SPWRC deals with constantly is animals being kept illegally in captivity.  Those animals don’t develop skills to defend themselves anymore, so they can no longer be released into the wild. 

The facility has several permanent residents who serve as ambassadors for education and public appearances such as owls, vultures, and even a hawk. 

Typically, this time of year the facility is pretty slow, Garcia says, because most birds have  already migrated.  She says the busiest time of the year for the rehab facility starts in the spring. That’s when the weather is nice, and babies are being born. 

The SPWRC rehabilitates anything from birds to turtles, rabbits, opossums, and even squirrels!  Garcia says the facility looks for volunteers in the spring and into the early fall.

The SPWRC is always looking for donations as well. The site offers a “wish list” of items that are needed. Go to the website for more information. https://spwrc.org/

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