Intramural sports offer friendly competition

By Eymi Reyes, Karina Gonzalez, Alyssa Guevara/COMM 2311 News Writing

Got moves?  South Plains College Intramural Sports has a place for you to show them off.  

And you can sign up soon for the spring semester.

     Kinesiology Instructor Dustin Wimmer says he’s been able to “revamp” the intramural sports program to be more inclusive for more students.   “That’s really what it’s all about,” he says, “just getting out and being active and playing.”

     In 2021, Wimmer officially changed the name from Intramural Sports to Campus Sports to make the program more familiar to students.  

     Campus Sports at SPC offers indoor and outdoor volleyball, flag football, indoor and outdoor basketball, dodgeball, and kickball.   Any student is allowed to sign up to play with no experience required.   Wimmer says coed teams traditionally have the most sign ups.

     While the fall sports season has wrapped up, it’s not too early to start thinking about spring sports.  Wimmer says students can start signing up on the first day of the spring semester. 

     The sports offered in the spring, Wimmer says, are the same as those offered in the fall.  But they are offered in reverse order due to weather constraints.  Volleyball, he says, is the most popular campus sport.  And it has been since he came to SPC seven years ago.

     Wimmer says students can sign up online for SPC Campus Sports or students can also create teams with friends.  That’s what Leah Gonzales, a sophomore at SPC, says she did.  Gonzales says she was asked by girls in her class to join sand volleyball because she’d played in high school.  

     While Gonzales says she’s only played sand volleyball in the past at SPC, she’s already planning a team for indoor volleyball.  She calls the campus sports program “fun”.

     Lindsey Sharp, who was an SPC student about seven years ago, says she learned about Campus Sports when she spotted a flyer on the wall while leaving the Texan Hall after dinner one evening.  She says she played women’s basketball in the fall 2015 – 2016 semester.  In spring 2017 she says she also played on the fall football team. 

     “Intramurals were a way we could get together and have fun,” Sharp says.

     This spring, Wimmer says, you can look for some new sports offerings.  He says he’d like to add more single day tournaments for spring and a wider variety of sports.  On the list of possible sports is spikeball, pickleball, and crossnet.  He says tournaments for these sports might be one, two, or three-day events.

     If students want to participate in Campus Sports, Wimmer says they should download the IMLeagues app or go to the website:  He says students have a choice of men’s, women’s, or coed teams.   Even better, it’s free.

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