Eagles expected to outlast Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII

By Isaac Castillo/Texan Mosaic Staff

This year’s Super Bowl is stacked with talent as both the conference leaders advance to the final game of the season.

Texas Tech’s very own Patrick Mahomes managed to edge a win versus the talented Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals (23-20). This win was anything but easy, as the Kansas City Chiefs came in as underdogs to the Bengals.

The Chiefs came to Arrowhead without their best line backer and their top three wide receivers. Within the first quarter, they also managed to lose their No. 1 cornerback.

On top of this, Mahomes was playing on a hurt ankle. Everything was lining up for the Bengals to walk out of Arrowhead 4-0 to Mahomes and his Chiefs. Granted, the Chiefs didn’t win by a wide margin, and most fans believe the referees played a big part in their win, they still managed to get the W.

The favorite in this year’s Super Bowl is Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles. They come off a blow-out win to the San Francisco 49ers (31-7). The 49ers managed to lose two quarterbacks to the Eagles relentless pass rush, which played a huge part in the game as it virtually eliminated the pass game for the red and gold.

However, the Niners gameplan this year consisted of a strong run game and a stifling defense, so the blame cannot be totally on the quarterback. The Niners defense allowed the Eagles to run the ball down field consistently, all while not being able to get their own run game going.

Tensions ran high in this game as a fight broke out in the fourth quarter which was initiated by HOF lineman Trent Williams. Due to the blow-out win, the Eagles were able to give their starters an early rest for the big one in two weeks.

The Eagles and Chiefs will meet for the last game of the season on Sunday, February 12, in Glendale, Arizona. This talent packed game will consist of two of the best teams in the entire NFL. Both teams made it into the playoffs with the No. 1 seed, meaning they had a bye week, or an extra week of rest and preparation.

This clearly helped as they’re now getting ready for the biggest stage of their life. The Chiefs are still banged up from previous games, so this two-week break is much needed for Kansas. This Super Bowl will consist of two high powered offenses, which almost always results in a great football game. Ultimately, the game will be determined by whose defense wins the turnover battle as three and outs will almost be non-existent.

Eagles should walk out of Glendale victorious. Throughout the season, the Eagles defense has only managed to get better, and there is a saying in football, “defense wins championships.”

The Eagles combination of a relentless pass, rush and fast-paced offense will be too much for Mahomes and the Chiefs. It also doesn’t help that the Chiefs are coming into this game hurt. As of right now, the Chiefs injury report consists of their top three receivers, No. 1 cornerback, star left guard, starting linebacker, tight end Travis Kelce, and Patrick Mahomes, who is the center piece of their offense. Given, the Chiefs have two weeks to prepare for this matchup, it will not be a blowout or a mismatch by any means. The first half of football will be competitive, but once the second half hits, the depth and rest the Eagles were able to obtain will be on full display. I reckon the Eagles will get the better of the Chiefs due to a suffocating pass, rush and overwhelming run game with the occasional deep pass. My prediction is in favor of the Eagles, 31-24.

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