Hanging out: Photography students capture student hang outs

By students in COMM 1316/News Photography

The first assignment students in News Photography, COMM 1316, tackled this semester was called “Student Hangouts”.  From the name of the assignment, you can guess their challenge was to find places on and around campus where students gather.

Students were told they were not just looking for places in their photos. They were also encouraged to find people gathered in those places.  Faces are often what people want to see in a news photo so that was emphasized as part of the assignment.

Some students offered photos with people in them.  Some did not.  Some students liked their photos of a gathering spot even without people.   

Another part of the assignment was for students to consider some basic elements of composition.  In other words, how does the photo look inside the frame?  Should the main subject be centered or not?  Is it better to shoot in portrait or landscape mode?  What’s in the background of the shot?    

The only digital editing students were allowed to do was to use the crop tool in Photoshop.  That tool allows someone to crop a photo as well as fix a photo that looks “crooked” or tilted. 

One final part of the assignment:  write a caption to appear with the photo.

Here are their results.  They used their smartphone cameras for this one by the way.  They are proud of their work, and they should be.  

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