Homecoming festivities set Thursday

By Chloe Martin/Texan Mosaic Staff

South Plains College will host its Boots and Beads Homecoming Celebration this year on Thursday, February 23.  The festivities include basketball matchups between SPC and Western Texas College in the Texan Dome, as well as the half-time presentation of the homecoming court including this year’s king and queen, followed by a dance in the Sundown Room of the Student Life Center.   

The Lady Texans will begin the homecoming activities by playing the Lady Westerners at 5:45 p.m. in the Texan Dome followed by the Texans versus the Westerners men’s team at 7:30 p.m. The homecoming court will be presented during half-time of the ladies’ game, followed by the crowning of the king and queen during half-time of the men’s game.  After the completion of the men’s basketball game, the Mardi Gras themed dance will begin at 9 p.m.  

“Homecoming is a student event to celebrate and invite the alumni who are still in our community to come back, as well as a fun event for current students. Homecoming invites students to become familiar with student clubs and organizations,” said Josh Meredith, director of student life.   

South Plains College is a junior college which gives students an opportunity to take classes for two years before moving on to a university to finish their degree plans. The shorter length of stay causes fewer opportunities for long-term experiences and relationships. One way to increase those opportunities is to become involved in the available clubs and organizations.  

 “Homecoming offers current students an incentive to join clubs, is a fun formal event to have fun and support your peers and analyze the club and organization spectrum and there is a plethora of clubs that serve different groups of students at SPC,” said Meredith. 

Meredith explained that homecoming nominees can only come from clubs and student organizations and indicated that homecoming is an excellent time for SPC students to become familiar with the student clubs and organizations on campus.   

 Nominations for homecoming king and queen include:  the Illustration Club, Kristina Long; Baptist Student Ministry, Caiden Lamb and McKenzie Lee; Campus Ambassadors, Mallary Blocker; Catholic Student Ministries, Estevan Trevino and Hailey Castellano; Casual and Competitive Gaming Club, Jimmy Hall; SPC Nursing Student Association, John Paul King; Criminal Justice Club, Marcos Aguayo and Cristynah Garza; Texan Hype, Ambrosia Martin; ANT Club, Marshall Bates and Claire Young; STAR Center Organization, Michael Ramos and Lizbeth Medrano; Student Government Association, Marleigh Alvarado and Noah Lopez; and SPC Cheerleaders Club, Aliana Gonzales.   

There was a two-week period for each club and organization to submit their nominations for king and queen. The nominees will meet to discuss the requirements to be on the court, which allows them the opportunity to participate if they choose. When each nominee is confirmed, their name will be added to the ballot.  All voting will be done digitally through SPC student accounts.  On February 23, votes will be tallied and will be announced that evening at the men’s game.  

              “Homecoming gets students out to support their fellow students, gets them to basketball games, gives them an outlet to have fun and go dancing,” Meredith said.   

              This year’s Boots and Beads theme is inspired by Mardi Gras, which takes place the Tuesday before homecoming.  Much like homecoming, Mardi Gras is a festive extravaganza with lots of good food, music, and dancing which celebrates fun with friends.    “[Homecoming] provides a safe environment for students to connect and have a good time,” said Meredith.

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