Alum gives tips for success at SPC

By Alec Leos/Texan Mosaic Staff

Life can be confusing sometimes, especially when you’re moving into a new, big, and stressful moment in your life—like going to college.

Nancy Munoz, an alumnus from South Plains College, hosted a professional development event for SPC students where she recapped her times at the school while explaining the benefits SPC had to offer her during her educational career.

“I would’ve stayed here four years longer probably if I could have. SPC is one of the best schools to really develop a foundation,” Munoz said.

School has always been something that could be seen as stressful, some would say even a chaotic time in their life.

Munoz highlighted the effects that Covid-19 placed on college students, whether it be in their mental health, motivation, or even academics.

“So, through all of this right, we have to acknowledge that COVID-19 happened,” Munoz said.

Photo by Alec Leos/Texan Mosaic Staff
Nancy Munoz addresses a group of students earlier this month, giving advice on how to be successful at SPC.

Having to focus on yourself and school can be overwhelming, especially when coping after Covid.

“How do we move forward from survival mode to thrive mode?” Munoz asked. “First thing I would say is your mental health matters first above anything.”

South Plains College offers mental health resources with multiple contacts and places to reach out for help in life or in academics.

Munoz says that emotional intelligence can help in navigating that voice in your head by having the ability to understand and manage your own emotions.

“The thing is that voice inside of your head, that’s not you. That’s your anxiety, that’s your doubts, that’s your fears–emotional intelligence will help you to control that,” Munoz said.

When addressing the voice, Munoz says to think about what triggers and calms your stress saying it’s going to require some forward thinking.

“For you it might be starting a new class that you’ve heard is going to be extremely difficult—the way you could prepare for that class is reaching out to people or setting up a schedule, so you know you’ll be able to handle the class,” Munoz said.

Networking has always been a helpful tool in an educational career. Munoz says to network like it’s your passion.

Photo by Alec Leos/Texan Mosaic Staff

“In college, one of the best networking systems you can have is your professors your faculty,” Munoz said. “Get to know those people.” Nancy said.

We use our cell phones every day; Nancy encourages students to download the app LinkedIn for help with networking.

“Number four, learn how to love to learn, and it might be relearning how you love to learn,” Munoz said.

Munoz said that learning can be hard sometimes, and after Covid, students might feel as if they’ve lost that ability to learn.

“Put yourself out there, practice, and coach from theory–look back at what got you started and hang on to it,” Munoz said.

Munoz recalled times when she felt out of place when taking certain classes, noting that it isn’t always comfortable.

“Whatever field you’re in, there’s people who have accomplished that, so just think about that, and say you know what that can be me too,” Munoz said.

There are many other ways for college students to be able to succeed in their educational career, whether it be taking in these tips or even going to a motivational speech.

“You know I wish when I was in college I would have attended more motivational speeches just because it would have given me like that reassurance that I looked for later on in life,” Munoz said.

South Plains College is known mostly for their staff and faculty being a constant motivator in college students’ life.

Photo by Alec Leos/Texan Mosaic Staff

“They give you advice, they’re there for you in the classroom versus when you’re at a university where there’s hundreds of students in the classroom and they can’t give you that focus that you get here,” Munoz said.

 Most importantly Munoz reminded students that they are their biggest critic and loudest cheerleader.

“Nobody knows when you mess up except you, so take care of your physical being, reach out to your loved ones, and this time will go by a lot faster than you think, so enjoy this time,” Munoz said.

Anyone interested in reaching out to Nancy Munoz can e-mail her at or find her on LinkedIn.

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