Vote for your favorite: Farm & ranch gallery

They’re back.  Farm and ranch photos.  And once again YOU vote on your favorites.

We got lots of responses with Farm and Ranch voting last semester.  So why not try it again?

Students in COMM 1316 News Photography were given a Farm and Ranch photo assignment the first week of February this semester.  Their challenge was to find a wide, medium, and closeup photo of the same subject on a farm or ranch.  Some students did not have easily accessible photo opportunities at farms or ranches.  So those students had to be extra creative and improvise with pretty landscape shots nearby.

Students evaluated all the results in class.  They had lively debates about composition and about when or where to crop various photos.

All the photos have been gathered into one survey.  Each photo entry is labeled with a capital letter rather than a student name.  Students voted anonymously in class for their first, second and third favorite photos.  

In addition to ranking their top picks, students had to write reasons for their choices.  This forced students to help define what makes a good photo.  What aspects of photo composition work well in each of their favorite shots?  Is the wide, medium, or closeup better?  Why?   

Please vote now for YOUR top favorite from the photos below. We didn’t include all of the entries for the original survey here – just the “best of”.  

Next week we’ll reveal the voting results from both this gallery and the wind gallery – the students’ top picks and yours. Please vote now! Enjoy!

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