Voting results are in: Farm & ranch gallery, wind gallery

Farm & Ranch Gallery Results

Does your list of favorite photos match that of the students?

Yes and no.

Students in COMM 1316 voted on their favorites in class before they were posted on the Texan Mosaic.  Here are their favorites and some of the reasons why they voted the way they did.

#1 Favorite = Photo N, Chaps, shot by Emery Mask.

Photo N by Emery Mask

Photo N comments:

  • “The close up of the saddle is neat.  This picture represents the ranch well.  I love the detail in the photograph.”
  • “…you can see all the weather of the leather and it has character.”
  • “It really shows all the detail and captures the grit of the cowboy in my opinion.”

#2 Favorite = Tie between Photo G- Hay, shot by Ariel Rodriguez & Photo J- Cow Face, shot by Morgan Minnick

Photo G by Ariel Rodriguez

Photo G comments:

  • “It shows the rows of the hay which some animals eat and the distance of the dirt road.”
  • I like the leading lines and the color contrast.”
Photo J by Morgan Minnick

Photo J comments:

  • “I liked how the bull was looking at the camera.  His stance looks powerful and I think that powerful stance goes with his to dog role.”
  • “The framing of the bull is pleasing and getting the dead on stare was a good moment to capture.”

#3 Favorite = Tie between Photo A- Chicken Closeup, shot by Katie Brackens & Photo D- Cow Walking, shot by Cade Dannhaus

Photo A by Katie Brackens

Photo A comments:

  • “…you get a better look at the feathers and the eye of the chicken.”
  • “The close up and colors looking amazing.”
Photo D by Cade Dannhaus

Photo D comments:

  • “…like a calm walk in the field.”
  • “I love the sky and the color of it in tandem with the setting sun”

The No. 1 favorite pick by the public, chosen through the Texan Mosaic website, was Photo A, taken by Katie Brackens. The photo received 183 votes, or 43.86 percent.

Photo credit for all photos:

Wind Gallery Results

The favorite photo, voted solely on by the public through the Texan Mosaic, was Photo H. This photo was taken by Morgan Minnick and received a total of 184 public votes, or 78 percent.

The other photo credits for the wind gallery included:

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