When life gives you lemons

You know the rest.  You’re supposed to make lemonade, right?

Students in News Photography, COMM 1316, were not so lucky.  This week instead of making lemonade, they had to make a motion assignment work using lemons and their best circus juggling skills.

Disclaimer:  No one came to class already knowing how to juggle.  So instead of trying to keep three lemons in the air, students who volunteered to be photographed tried using two.  You can tell from some of the reaction shots, using two was probably a wise decision.

The point of this assignment, aside from having fun, was for students to adjust their camera’s shutter speed in order to take two photographs.

The first photo:  capture the lemons frozen in mid-air.  This requires a fast shutter speed.

The second photo: capture the lemons, and not the person, blurred.  This requires a much slower shutter speed.

Which one better suggests motion? Frozen or blurred? Let us know in the comments!

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