SPC hosts UIL Regional Tournament

Interviews & Photos by Ariel Rodriguez/MCOM 1316 News Photography

It’s not over yet.  Boys UIL state basketball semifinals get underway on March 9 and 10 in San Antonio.   Teams are hoping for a chance to bounce ahead and earn a spot in the state championship games on March 11.

Regional UIL boys’ basketball games finished up last weekend inside the SPC Texan Dome.    

On Friday afternoon, the Lorenzo Hornets took on the Nazareth Swifts in the Texan Dome. Lorenzo Coach Stacy Godfrey said his players were really excited because they hadn’t been there for a long time.

“We did have a lot of adversity during the year,” Godfrey said.  “My guys overcame it.”  

What did Lorenzo think it had as an advantage over its opponents?  Lorenzo team captain Kian Mitchell answered, “I think just how fast we play.  The pace of the game.”

Coach Godfrey said, “Discipline is going to be our strength.  That’s what we’ve been working on all week long.”

Lorenzo beat Nazareth 43-37. But in the end, Jayton defeated Lorenzon in the Region I-1A title game, which means Jayton moves on.

The boys’ UIL basketball state championships take place March 9 through 11 at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

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