Get away for a day this spring break

Photos by Dakota Whitlock/MCOM 1316 News Photography

Grab your keys, a good podcast or playlist, some friends, and get ready to explore.  

With spring break finally here, some folks may have the money for airfare to head miles away.  But for the rest of us, there are some wonderful attractions nearby-  ones you can get to in a day.

For a spot very close to Levelland, an obvious choice is Lubbock.  Student Katie Brackens says she’s lived in Levelland all her life and heads to Lubbock for day trips often.  Sometimes, she says, it’s just to go to a different restaurant.

“It gets me out of this town,” she says.  “It gets me out of my home so I’m able to go see other places and interact with others.”

If you like animals, Prairie Dog Town at Mackenzie Park in Lubbock, could be your new favorite spot.  Brackens says she likes to go there to see the little critters stand up and she takes lots of pictures.

If you’re more of a science fiction fan, try heading south to Roswell, New Mexico.  Billed as “The UFO Capital of the World”, Google Maps shows Roswell is 2 hours and 21 minutes (145 miles) away.  You won’t see the UFO Festival until the July 4th weekend, but this time of year there is still the International UFO Museum that has a gift shop.

Looking north you have historic Route 66 which has many free stops on it. Amarillo happens to be only about a 2 hour drive straight up Interstate 27.  

One of the fun Amarillo freebies, is the Cadillac Ranch.  Not only is it free to the public, it’s one spot where graffiti is not only legal but encouraged. These cars are layered in years of spray paint changing the entire body of these classics. To buy a can of paint, it’ll cost you $7.50 at the truck on site and $10.50 in the gift shop. 

While you’re in Amarillo, you might want to try the Amarillo Zoo.  It’s tucked away in what seems like the middle of nowhere next to a frisbee golf course.  But it’s only 18 minutes (12 miles) away from the Cadillac Ranch. It’s small compared to the zoo in Abilene.   But for only $4.50 admission for adults, you see beasts such as lions, bobcats and peacocks.  If you are in the area it is worth the trip.  It might not fill your entire day, but it is a fun stop to see, and your admission cost could go a long way toward supporting the animals who live there. 

The Abilene Zoo is three hours south of SPC’s Levelland campus.  Here, for only $10 per adult, you get to see giraffes, hyenas, toucans and more.   Some of the “more” includes Albert, the oldest resident of the zoo.  According to the zoo’s website, he is one of the oldest living American alligators in zoos across the country.  And if you don’t go to this zoo for the animals, go for the friendly staff.   

For more ideas about where to go this spring break or over any weekend, check out one of Texas Tech’s recent lists of road trip suggestions.  It has even more information about where you’ll find things to do in places like Ruidoso, Marfa, or Quitaque.

Have a safe trip.

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