Spring begins to blossom on SPC campus

It took a while, but spring colors are beginning to show around campus.

News Photography students in COMM 1316 used their mirrorless cameras in close-up mode to capture the small purple/blue flowers outside the Technical Arts Center on the Levelland campus.

Each of the large trees in front of the building are surrounded by the low, blooming plants. Kristin Bingham, biology department chair at SPC, says the plants are commonly called Vinca. It’s also called Greater Periwinkle here, she says, but the scientific name is Vinca major.

“This evergreen perennial plant welcomes spring with large, pinwheel shaped violet-blue blooms,” she says. “Vinca grows well in areas with full and partial shade, making it very useful for plantings near buildings and under trees.”

Despite extremely strong wind gusts, students managed to wait for the flowers to stand still long enough to capture some cool close ups.

If you look closely enough, you’ll also spot a spider and what may be aphids enjoying the flowers and foliage too.

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