Students capture campus beauty shots

Students in COMM 1316 News Photography jump started their semester using the cameras on their smartphones.

Their challenge? Find something on campus that is “pretty”. Something that might promote the school if it were included on its website. It could be a tree, colorful pile of leaves, pattern on the corner of a building, or how late afternoon light casts a glow over a bench.

Students were encouraged to look for interesting angles and closeups.

The only editing students were allowed to do was to use the crop tool in Photoshop. After they
submitted their photos, they voted for their favorites with secret ballots. At that time, photos were labeled only with letters, no names. Some of the photos had captions. Some did not.

Students had to include an explanation of why they voted the way they did. Part of what students are learning this semester is how to answer the question: What makes a “good” photo?

Here are the winners of this semester’s “Campus Beauty Shot” challenge, from first through fourth place, along with some of the students’ words explaining their choices.

We are including the winning student/photographers here. We are proud of them.

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