Picture this: Fall signs abound

You don’t have to be a squirrel to appreciate one of the first signs of fall. Other than colored leaves dropping out of the sky (and possibly onto your car), also come acorns.

This week students in COMM 1316 News Photography had to practice using the close up semi-automatic setting on their mirrorless cameras. Their subject: the perfect acorn.

When asked if they would receive an “A” for effort, the answer was “not exactly.”

First of all, the acorn had to be in focus. After that, choices had to be made. Center the nut in the frame? Or make it off center?

And what about lighting? Students were working outside so they had to consider the intensity and direction of the sun. How might shadows affect their shot?

What about the background? Concrete, gravel, trash can lid, or brick?

A few students went with a “where’s Waldo” approach and made the most out of placing their acorns in unusual spots.

Whatever the photo details, at least there were plenty of acorns to focus on outside the English/Comm building on the Levelland campus.

Welcome fall.

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