Natatorium seeks pool of lifeguards

By Sydney Oates/COMM 1316

It’s not easy to keep the number of lifeguards at SPC’s natatorium afloat.  That’s why Mike Harrison, the director of natatorium and assistant professor of kinesiology, says he’s always taking lifeguard job applications.

 “I never know these days when a lifeguard is going to leave,” Harrison says.

He says he’s looking for one now who has noon hours available.

“Also, I do weekend parties, and I have several lifeguards who head home on the weekends,” Harrison says.

The swimmers seen here are taking KINE 1101:Beginning Swimming this semester.  Harrison is in the water with the students watching out for their safety.

It’s the other times, during open swim sessions, lap swim, or parties where there is the greatest need for more lifeguards.

Harrison says there is one big “must have” in order for people to apply.  “They must have a current lifeguard certification,” he says.

Anyone who wants to apply should contact Mike Harrison at the natatorium or give him a call at 806-716-2228.

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