Picture this: Lemon drops & shutter speed

There’s lemon drop candy and lemon drop cocktails.  Then, sometimes lemons just drop. Students in News Photography, COMM 1316, this week dropped quite a few trying to complete a motion assignment.   

Volunteers used their best juggling skills to keep two lemons in the air at all times.

The rest of the students adjusted their camera’s shutter speed to capture the lemons frozen in mid-air.  This requires a fast shutter speed.  They also had to capture the lemons blurred.  This requires a much slower shutter speed.

The tricky part for the photographers was learning how shutter speed also affects light.  If the shutter is left open for a long time, the shot may be overexposed.  If it’s only open for a small fraction of second, the shot may be dark.

The tricky part for the jugglers was lemon drops.  At least they didn’t roll very far.

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