Locked & Loaded: SPC shooting range offers hub for community marksmanship

By Esosa Iyengunmwena

Are you looking for a thrilling and educational experience right here on campus? Look no further than the hidden gem that is the college’s very own shooting range, located at the Law Enforcement Building, right beside the Math and Engineering Building.

The shooting range isn’t just open to Law enforcement majors. The Director of the Law Enforcement Academy, Kenny Burns says, “Regular students can come if they have their handgun license.”  

The Range opens its doors every Monday night from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or a beginner eager to learn, this is your opportunity to sharpen your skills in a safe and controlled environment.

For those who are interested in the world of firearms but haven’t yet obtained their handgun license or reached the age of 18, Burns says you can take a college class right on campus called Basic Firearm, it’s a 2-hour class called CJLE1211. This class allows students to use the shooting range under expert supervision, even if they aren’t licensed or of legal age.

Kenny Burns oversees the entire Law Enforcement Building, ensuring that all aspects run seamlessly. Mark Woody is the man in charge of the shooting range itself, making sure everything is in top-notch condition for every shooter. Together, they ensure that your experience at the South Plains College Shooting Range is nothing short of exceptional.

So, if you’re itching to develop your shooting skills, dive into the world of firearms, or simply experience an adrenaline-pumping adventure, make your way to the Law Enforcement Building at South Plains College. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a novice, they have something to offer you. Come, hit the target, and make your mark at South Plains College!

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