Picture this: Art at the speed of light

Editor’s note:  Text was written by students in COMM 2311-601 including Brittany Alvarado, Joshua Medina, Christian Smith, Daphne Streider, Abygail Elizondo, Kaci Walker, and Ashlynn Obannion.  Photos were taken by students in COMM 1316 News Photography and name credits appear on photo files.

They look like scenes out of the 2010 sci fi/action movie “Tron: Legacy”. 

Before there was Photoshop, there was drawing with light.  That’s what students did recently for an assignment in COMM 1316 News Photography.  And they were the canvas.

In order to create long trails of light, students had to manipulate all the settings on their mirrorless cameras.  In particular, they had to use a slow shutter speed.  They didn’t need fancy equipment.  This was done with Christmas lights and flashlights.

Photo by Sydney Oates

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