Beauty in chaos: New exhibit open through November 17

By Noah Lopez

The first thought of art is not usually chaos; however, chaos can create beautiful art too. Proof is in the current art exhibit inside the South Plains College Fine Arts building.

The exhibit is called “Chaos Theory” by Anna K. Lemnitzer.

The artist says life in the Panhandle of Texas helped her see differently as an artist and allowed her work to grow.

“The mist of magenta mornings, the quick knife of the wind, the expanse, have let me dance in a new universe, seeing the infinite as it generates and plays with form, pattern, and color,” Lemnitzer said.

The exhibit “Chaos Theory” features a crystalized tumbleweed hanging from the ceiling connected by web-looking wires.  There are also framed pieces on the walls nearby. These look similar in shape and color.

“Our known universe is a consortium of layered patterns,” Lemnitzer says. “These create variant replications that generate in all directions of space and time. The beauty of randomness, of structure in chaos theory, leads to dynamic energy within infinite possibilities. The order of patterns gives us cycles, levels, and mirrors that invite us to dance. To touch or see one form is to experience many, a ripple effect, a spiderweb.” 

“Chaos Theory” fills one half of the exhibit hall space. The other half is filled with the Merriweather Post collection, a permanent collection of paintings. 

“She always wanted her work to live in a museum-like setting and SPC was able to do that for her with the Post collection,” says Kristy Kristinek, assistant professor of fine arts and gallery director.

Stop by the Fine Arts building to see “Chaos Theory”.  The gallery is open from 8a.m. to 4p.m, and the last day to see it is Nov. 17.

Photo by Noah Lopez

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