Weight training classes teach students endurance

By Isabela Salas

The stress of college can be a heavy weight to carry.

South Plains College’s KINE 1117 co-ed weight training class gives students an opportunity to lift their stress away.

Squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and power clean are some of the common exercises performed in this class according to Dee Anna Ninemire, professor for KINE 1117. Ninemire is, herself, a weightlifter.

“By performing these lifts,” she says, “it automatically strengthens other lifts”.

Sometimes, Ninemire says, students race each other. She calls it a “fun” way for them to push themselves.  But she says she always encourages everyone to work at their own ability and skill level.

This class can also help students take a mental health break from academics.

There’s a “correlation” between physical health and mental health Ninemire says. “We have one more chance to encourage fitness and health.”

Prior experience in weight training is not required to take this class.

“It brings me great joy to see students make progress,” Ninemire says, “and I love seeing the self-confidence they build when they feel stronger physically.”

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