Picture this: Fantasy hair

By Trista Stanley

Eighty cosmetology students at SPC put their creative minds to the test during Halloween week to answer that question.  Some used plants.  Some used cotton balls, beads, or feathers. 

Organizers say it’s called the “Anything But Hair” challenge, and it happens every fall. 

Students start with bald mannequins.  And while it is a contest, students are also graded on the project. There were few contest rules.

 “They just have to be creative and not use hair,” contest organizer Miranda Arriago said.  

Arriago says students, as future stylists,  need to learn how to look at a picture and then create something “fun” from it. This year, she says, students were highly creative. “They all came out of their box,” she says.  

Cosmetology clients, who come to SPC for nail or hair service appointments, voted for the “best of” mannequins. First through third place winners received cosmetology related prizes.   

The winners were:

1st place – Betzi Gutierrez   

Photo by Trista Stanley

2nd place – Jaxy Rodgers  

Photo by Trista Stanley

3rd place – Kaeli Jaime  

Gutierrez said she based her mannequin off the color red because she loves red. Rodgers said she wanted a Christmas theme because she is obsessed with Christmas. And lastly, Jaime said she wanted something colorful.  

Arriaga says students face a nail challenge project in the spring semester.

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